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Gain a decisive edge over threat actors with deep, data-driven global intelligence and over 25 years of technical research expertise. Boost intelligence capacity and ensure optimal security for every situation.

Improving Cyber Resilience Through Technology and Tactics

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups and state-sponsored actors use vast resources and focused objectives to breach defenses. DeepCode empowers defense, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to overcome these threats with accurate, relevant, timely and actionable cyber intelligence.

Technically Informed Expertise

We are hackers and we love technology. Our creativity and knowledge bring tactical, actionable solutions, not paper-driven presentations.

360° Intelligence Data Discovery

TrashPanda, our next-generation cyber intelligence platform, seeks out and analyses massive data volumes from public, commercial, dark web and compromised sources to support cyber offense and defense solutions.

Rapid Capability Integration

Our technical team delivers informed and valuable intelligence solutions fast, with the visibility and support necessary to optimize your security program.

Proven Over 25 Years of Experience

The DeepCode team has a combined 25 years of experience in multidisciplinary intelligence research, cyber defense, tactics and reporting.

See, Understand and Act on Cyber Intelligence

We bring strong technical capabilities and strategic threat intelligence experience to your team, backed by deep global data capabilities and fit-for-purpose reporting. Unlike most cyber intelligence services, we deliver actionable data and tactics first, rather than lead with proposals and paperwork.

Why Choose Us

The World’s Broadest, Deepest Cyber Intelligence Feed

TrashPanda, our advanced, curated threat intelligence platform, ingests data from various sources to boost confidence in analysis, generate real-time alerts, and drive better outcomes for your team.


Unlike services that rely solely on publicly disclosed information, our platform uncovers sources of compromise and contextual insights – critical to identifying compromised systems, at-risk organizations, and key infrastructure components vulnerable to cyber threats.

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Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence

Identify emerging threats, understand their impact and get the tools, techniques and procedures to mitigate risks.

Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense

Actively improve security solutions against persistent and evolving threats across people, processes and technology.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Identify software vulnerabilities and performin-depth analysis of various types of malware, including the latest techniques used by cybercriminals.



Assist with research on various cyber security topics, cyber warfare, cyber crime and tailored access operations.

Awareness Training

Awareness Training

Reduce the risk of employee-related data breaches through targeted, cost-effective cybersecurity training.

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Still unsure if we can help you with your cyber security issues? Reach out and let’s discuss your needs to see if DeepCode can help.

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