About Us

Cybersecurity isn’t a job, it’s what we do for fun

Welcome to DeepCode

Spend Less Time On Paperwork, More Time On Tactics And Technology

We’re a team of cybersecurity experts passionate about hacking, technology and computers. We spend our lives deep into computer science, coding, building networks and reading manuals.

From our first reading of Phrack and 2600 at the age of 12 to our long careers as cyber intelligence analysts in the military and large network administration, our lives have always focused on understanding, living and protecting the cyber environment.

Our Vision

DeepCode strive to go beyond IT security, we seek to actively defend networks by understanding threats and adopting an offensive mindset.

Our Mission

DeepCode empowers defense agencies, intelligence communities, law enforcement, and IT teams by providing accurate, relevant, timely, and actionable cyber intelligence. Our goal is to help clients gain a decisive edge against threat actors in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Our Values


We rarely say “no”. We are lean and flexible. We have minimal overhead. We find ways to make things happen.


We value new solutions, ideas and tactics. We always move forward and welcome change.


We never know enough, hence we always seek to learn more. Knowledge is Power.


We are hackers, we love technology. We use our creativity and knowledge of technology to be agile.

Our Team

In a world of evolving threats from crime and state-sponsored actors, we bring peace of mind to our clients with creative and technically-focused cybersecurity strategies. Our unique reach into cybercrime forums and experience in offensive cyber operations gives us with the mentality to locate vulnerabilities and protect your organization from threat actors.

As career cybersecurity professionals, we know that presentations and paperwork won’t get the job done. That’s why our solutions start with realistic tactics and follow-through with technology actions to safeguard people, businesses, industry and governments.

Jon Rasiko

Jon Rasiko

Director - Cyber Operations

Frank 'Bib' Bibeau

Frank 'Bib' Bibeau

Senior Cyber Operator