What Is a Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attack?

a threat actor phishing a user via email

What Is a Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attack? A Business Email Compromise (BEC), sometimes called a “BEC attack”, begins with threat actors compromising and spoofing emails to impersonate an organization’s CEO, heads of departments, executives, or vendors. It has several characteristics similar to spear-phishing attacks: emails targeted towards a specific individual, enterprise, or business to […]

Hack-a-Sat2 Write-Up – Tree in the Forest

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Hack-A-Sat2: Tree in the Forest Introduction The Hack-a-Sat 2 qualifications were held online from June 26th, 2021 to June 27th, 2021. This CTF focused on the cybersecurity of spacecraft, namely satellites. As the global space race heats up, the need for securing space-based systems is growing, hence the U.S Air Force along with the U.S. […]