Cyber Defense

Cyber threats and other cybercriminals are not going away anytime soon. Don’t wait for your organization to be the next target before acting.

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Cyber Defense

Cyber defense goes beyond simple IT security: it’s about actively improving your infrastructure and users as threats evolves. It is more than installing anti-viruses and setting up firewalls: it’s a constant and evolving fight against smart and resourceful threat actors. Large-scale security solutions must be properly tailored against the threats your organization is facing. Furthermore, defenses must be performed not only on the IT side, but also at the people and processes layers of your team.

Vulnerability Assessments

Almost 22,000 vulnerabilities were published in 2021. Many organizations’ IT infrastructure grow faster than they can manage, leading to unpatched systems, obsolete services or misconfigured web applications. A vulnerability assessment helps you find issues in your infrastructure before threat actors do. DeepCode can conduct a vulnerability assessment of your infrastructure or web application and report on critical vulnerabilities, potential remediations and recommendations for improvement. This is usually the first step once a threat assessment has been conducted in order to start closing security gaps.

Phishing Simulations

Social engineering attacks are one of the most prevalent attack vectors facing organizations across the globe. According to a report from Verizon, up to 25% of all data breaches involve phishing and up to 85% of data breaches involve some sort of social element. Too many organization focuses on technical solutions and omits the most important aspect of security: the users. DeepCode provides simulations to maintain high levels of awareness for your users, greatly reducing the risk of a successful phishing-based compromise. Contact us to schedule a simulation!

Microsoft 365 Security

For many small and medium businesses, Microsoft 365 is an excellent way to create teams and collaborate. However, it can quickly become overwhelming to secure and manage your Microsoft 365 subscriptions. This is especially true if you have a standard subscription and if you start experiencing phishing attacks. DeepCode can assist you in securing your Microsoft 365 subscription. We also provide monthly subscription plans to actively improve your security posture and protect against phishing attacks.

WordPress Security

WordPress is used of 35% of websites globally and as such, one of the most attacked platform. There are almost 90,000 attacks per minute on WordPress websites. There are 3,972 known WordPress vulnerabilities. Like any small organization, or even large ones, you should focus on content creation and customer relationship management rather than worrying about your site being compromised. A compromised WordPress site may result in your site being flagged as compromised by Google, seriously affecting your reputation. Don’t wait for this to happen, reach out to us and we’ll actively defend your site. 

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