Cyber Defense

Secure infrastructure and users with smarter tactics

We help organizations actively improve their security solutions against persistent and evolving threats.

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Enable 360° Defense: People, Processes and Technology

Effective cyber defense is more than installing anti-viruses and firewalls: it’s a constant and evolving fight against smart and resourceful threat actors.

DeepCode helps organizations identify and deploy solutions tailored to the specific threats they face. Our solutions go beyond security technology to train people and evolve processes for more effective protection.

Vulnerability Assessments

DeepCode conducts comprehensive vulnerability assessments of infrastructure and web applications to report on critical vulnerabilities, potential remediations and recommendations for improvement.

Our experts ensure assessments are organization-specific and actionable, to help find issues before threat actors do.

Phishing Simulations

Employees are the most vulnerable piece of the cyber defense puzzle and DeepCode simulations foster improved knowledge on how to recognize, avoid, and report phishing attacks.

Our automated simulations mirror cyber threats specific to the organization and reflect the diverse cultures and languages of international workforces to ensure relevance and improve engagement.

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