Cyber Intelligence

Gather, analyze and take action against threats

We help organizations quickly identify emerging threats, understand their impact and develop the tools, techniques and procedures to mitigate risks.

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Understanding Cyber Enemies is Key to Fending Off Threats

DeepCode has the expertise and experience to gather and analyze intelligence from various sources to help organizations get answers.

We help government entities, law firms and commercial organizations understand events, threats actors and data breaches. We also provide intelligence about potential threats targeting critical infrastructure.

Above all else, we help organizations take this information to mitigate attacks against real, possible threats.

Open-Source Research

From data breaches, cybercrimes, malware and specific threat actors, we gather, validate and analyze reports to deliver fact-based assessments and experience-driven analysis on any cybersecurity topic.

We also provide detailed reports and assessments about individuals’ and organizations’ online footprints.

Threat Assessments

Understand potential threat actors, vulnerabilities, and attacks to defend your organization better.

Our expert-led and cyber intelligence-driven assessments help organizations avoid spending time and resources on ineffective, expensive security solutions.

Dark Web Research

With over 5 years of experience monitoring cybercrime networks, our extensive reach into dark web sites and contacts goes far beyond automated tools from large security companies to find information about specific threat topics.

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