Cyber Intelligence

DeepCode gathers, collate, analyze and reports actionable intelligence on cyber threats, key events and threat actors targeting your organization.

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Cyber Intelligence

DeepCode has the required expertise and experience to gather intelligence from various sources to help your organization provide answers to your cybersecurity questions. We helped government entities, law firms and commercial organizations gather information about events, threats actors and data breaches using our extensive network of contacts and accesses across the internet and dark web forums. We also provided organizations intelligence about threat actors that may target their infrastructure and help the mitigate attacks against real, possible threats.

Open-Source Research

Do you need to gather data and information about a specific topic related to cybersecurity? With our background in intelligence and cybersecurity, we are the ideal team to help you out. From data breaches investigations, cybercrime, malware and specific threat actors, we can gather, validate and analyze reports from various sources to provide a fact-based assessment on any cybersecurity topics. We can also provide detailed report about the online footprint or individuals or organizations.

Threat Assessments

Cyber threats comes in multiple forms and targets different organizations based on their motivations.  Before spending time and resources in purchasing expensive security appliances or software, your organization needs to properly assess which threats are targeting you and how they do it. Without this critical information, your defenses may be completed ineffective! DeepCode can assist you in identifying which cyber threats, vulnerabilities and attacks to defend against based on your industry, current events and geolocation.

Dark Web Research

Over the past years, our team have indexed key underground forums, marketplaces and channels to find information about specific topics related to cybercrime. We have an extensive reach into dark web sites, along with contacts allowing DeepCode to expand research way beyond automated tools offered by large security companies. 

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