Microsoft 365 Security Plans

Learning each and every feature of Microsoft 365 can be daunting, especially when it comes to security. Fortunately, you don’t have to, we did for you.

Our Pricing

Flexible Monthly Pricing Plans

Each plan includes on-demand IT support for Microsoft 365 at extra hourly rates.

Basic Defense

Advanced Defense

Elite Defense

Still Unsure? Ask us for a Free Audit!

Not sure which plan you need? Ask us to conduct a free audit of your Microsoft 365 tenant to determine which level of protection you need.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps reduce the risk of threat actors compromising accounts using password-based attacks. It is a critical component of any secure Microsoft 365 installation.

The plan you need depends on how mature your Microsoft 365 security tenant and your current subscription plan. If you have a high Secure Score, then a Basic Defense plan may be enough for your needs. If you never properly configured you security settings, then a more advanced plan may be needed. Contact us to help you determine how best protect your Microsoft 365.

We can help you with non-security Microsoft 365 related issues for an extra hourly rate. Contact us to learn more about this service. 

We will review your current configuration and, with your consent, gradually update some of the security settings offered by Microsoft to reduce vulnerabilities and improve defenses against social engineering attacks. 

Both the Advanced and and Elite Defense plans require a minimum subscription of 6 months.

Yes! We can assist in enrolling devices with Microsoft Intune when you subscribe to the Advanced or Elite Defense plans. However, you must have the proper Microsoft subscriptions (we can help with this)

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Contact us for a free audit of your Microsoft 365 tenant or for a no-commitment 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you build a secure online presence.