Reverse Engineering

We help organizations deconstruct and counteract sophisticated cyber threats. Our focus is to determine, analyze, and report on vulnerabilities in software, networks and infrastructure

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Breaking Down Threats to Strengthen Defenses

Successful reverse engineering requires deep knowledge of how cyber threats interact with specific operating systems and device-level features.

DeepCode uses proven manual and automated techniques and tools to dissect malicious software to understand functionality, structure and behavior. Our experts use these details to develop a rapid remediation plan that is customized to the organization.

Malware Analysis

We reverse Windows and Android malware to provide indicators of compromise and generate detailed reports on specific threats, including insights into functionality, origin, and potential impact.

These analyses help organizations develop effective response plans and countermeasures.

Vulnerability Research

This service assesses infrastructure and web applications to identify critical vulnerabilities that threaten the organization.

All assessments include actionable recommendations to improve the security posture of systems and applications.

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