Reverse Engineering

The ongoing and fast evolution of malware and software IP theft requires skilled and dedicated analysts, which are hard to come by these days.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a resource intensive activity that requires unique skills. Individuals holding these particular talents and knowledge can be hard to come by when there is a need to analyze a malware sample, or seek stolen intellectual property. Fortunately, DeepCode provides a unique set of experience in reverse engineering, ranging from Windows malware to SCADA systems.

Malware Analysis

Every month, millions of new malware variants are detected, resulting in thousands of devices being compromised, from which credentials are stolen or used to extort the organization of thousands of dollars. Cybercriminal are constantly innovating to make their malware harder to detect and more effective. It is critical for law enforcement and security researchers to understand how these work to mitigate their effectiveness and create new ways to protect against new threats. DeepCode can reverse Windows and Android malware, provide indicators of compromise and/or generate detailed report on a specific threat. 

Intellectual Property

There is an increasing need for companies to protect the fruit of their investment in R&D for software applications and firmware. Do you suspect a competing company has appropriated your code? Or do you need to validate that a vendor has comply with specific software requirements? DeepCode can help you generating an inventory of library, software and/or firmware used for specific applications.

Bills of Material Analysis

The generation of a bills of material is used to inventory components of a specific system, needed to perform a supply chain analysis of large, complex systems or components. DeepCode can generate a detailed bill of material for electronic systems.

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